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a strategic design company

We love facing new challenges. Working closely with our customers - and our customers' customers. Learning from each other as we go. And having fun all along.

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Are you looking for new challenges and a second family? We're always looking for talented people, who share our vision and passion. Perhaps we're a perfect fit.

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Mikkel Jespersen

Co-founder, CEO

Jonas Haugaard

UX Writer

Peter Solow

Head of Interface Development and Production

Emil Damgaard Frost

Client Innovation Lead

Ditte Marie Jonasson

Head of Finance

Adam Voigt

User Experience Designer

Bo Steinicke

Client Innovation Lead

Mikkel Køster

Experience Design Director

Dennis Bille Krogh

Client Technology Lead

Christoffer Kildahl Pedersen


David Hjort-Holm

Economy Assistant

Cecilie Goodley Dannisøe

Senior User Experience Designer

Hjørdis Thorborg

Brand Experience Director

Oliver Vassard

Business Development Director

Kristian Ohm

UX Designer

Jens Munk

Senior Designer

Susanne Benther Mouritsen


Tore Rosbo

Creative Director

Stina Nordquist

Senior Designer

Jon Jul Jørgensen

Creative Technologist

Morten Øhlenschlæger Andersen

Client Design Lead & Operations Manager

Maria West Hansen

Studio Manager

Louise Vittrup Christensen

Senior UX Designer and Strategist

Sine Gunilla Videbæk

Digital Product Designer

Mads Frank

User Experience Designer

Mathias Louis Holdsbjerg-Larsen

Client Innovation Lead

Lisbeth Rinda Torp

Senior User Experience Designer

Louise Wictoria Klinker

Strategy & UX Director

Per Jackson

Lead Creative Technologist

Maria Louise Brønsro


Jesper Henriksen

Insights & Concepts

Galit Lønstrup

UX Designer

Harley Nanfeld Foged

Design Intern

Sebastian Stokkebro Sørensen

Creative Technologist

Elin Linding Jørgensen

Senior UX Strategist

Amalie Ekström Rahr

Brand Manager