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Core Services

Tangible Innovation

We help businesses accelerate their innovation initiatives around product and service design, process optimization, business development or in any other business aspect, where better and more efficient solutions are thinkable.

We use structured methods like the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas to understand key commercial components and spot areas of potential improvement and untapped business opportunities.

We understand the market through continuous user involvement, making hypotheses about customer needs and prototyping potential solutions. We use Proof by Design, our working framework and toolbox, as a guideline to distil great ideas and develop them into desirable solutions.

Brand Experience Design

We help businesses identify, manage and activate their unique brand potential, leading to authentic and beautiful brand experiences.

We believe that to create strong and inspiring relations to your customers, you need to uncover your corporate Big Idea, your primary purpose in the world. Because every activity, every product, every brand experience should be purpose-driven.

A well executed and actionable brand platform guides you to design extraordinary and coherent user experiences across every imaginable touchpoint, situation or media.

Business Transformation

We help businesses go successfully through digital, organizational and innovative transformations, without losing sight of their overall strategic goals.

To secure that innovation practices can co-exist with day-to-day operations, we have developed a framework - The Innovation Operating Model - that helps businesses incorporate innovation into their overall strategy and management activities.

We believe that business transformation is ultimately about securing the longevity of the company and should always be tangible. The tangibilty comes in the forms of actionable strategic advice, readily accessible play books or empowerment of internal competencies through training.

We would rather teach you how to fish, instead of giving you the fish. This means that continuous change will breed in your organization and can be managed from within.

Customer Research & Insights

To design for people, you need to engage people. To learn about their needs, their preferences, their desires. What they consider pains and what they consider gains. What makes them tick.

Any meaningful user experience design is centered around human needs. From gathering insights and doing customer interviews, to mapping out customer journeys and defining customer jobs to be done.

Based on the most promising hypotheses, we prototype solutions and test them over and over again with potential customers, to validate our concepts and match the constantly changing user needs and behavioral patterns.