How do you bring a Global People Promise to life for a world-renowned fashion company?

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Brand Activation


The essence of BESTSELLER

BESTSELLER is probably one of the most famous Danish fashion companies – and a big exporter in the realm of international fashion.

That position naturally comes with a lot of attention from aspiring candidates, who want to make a career and succeed in the fashion industry.

And that is a privilege, sure – but BESTSELLER wanted to find a way, their way, to attract the best and brightest talents from all over the world.

So, in 2021, BESTSELLER undertook a journey to help them understand what makes them unique, and what makes the BESTSELLER people want to work there – and not anywhere else. It took a lot of research with more than 70 interviews with senior managers and employees across different brands, markets, departments, and functions, and in the end, BESTSELLER formed their research into a new Global People Promise: Own it.


Show us how we Own it

In 2022, BESTSELLER needed to activate Own it. The essence of Own it was written down on paper – but it also needed to take up space in the digital sphere to let the world know that, if you take responsibility and own your career at BESTSELLER, the sky is the limit.

BESTSELLER asked 1508 Aarhus to activate Own it across 7 brand videos – 1 hero video and 6 videos for every core function: Retail, Design, Logistics, Buying, Tech, and Sales.

Simultaneously, BESTSELLER wanted us to express Own it across employee portraits and situations, copywriting for website and social media launch.


Dynamic, vibrant, and fast-paced universe

Own it is a powerful promise. It poses the simple, yet burning, question:
“Do I have what it takes?”.

It also presents an always-on-the-go attitude paired with a responsible mindset for the two most essential parts in any workplace: People and Things.

The activation of Own it then became a vibrant, fast-paced, yet inviting video concept that mixes abstract imagery, realistic work situations, BESTSELLER employees and personal phone recordings to represent the essence of Own it.

All scripts were written to capture the go-getter attitude and the dynamic, ambitious essence of the BESTSELLER Global People Promise. The scripts are written in a tone and style that reflects character traits of the perfect BESTSELLER employee. Traits like, but not limited to, responsible, ambitious, driven, and autonomous.

Soundtrack and editing support the quick and dynamic expression – and, in the end, bring everything together in one coherent concept.

Media & Platforms

Own it everywhere – and all the way

All 7 videos were made accessible online and Own it was executed across all relevant digital platforms, SoMe channels and supported by copywriting and web design for the dedicated career website for BESTSELLER.

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Credits: M2 Film