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Brand Activation
Brand Experience Design
Charlotte Pedersen

BESTSELLER asked 1508 to help attract the best and brightest minds across core business areas and talent programs. The result was two ambitious trainee programs locating candidates from around the world.

Show us how we Own it

After months of research and groundwork, BESTSELLER encapsulated that effort in a new Global People Promise: Own It. BESTSELLER then needed to activate Own it through brand videos, employee portraits, copywriting and social media campaigns.

The start of an adventure

BESTSELLER’s brand videos showcase a diverse and international outlook to attract young, aspiring talents from all over the world.

For many candidates, the opportunity to be a trainee at BESTSELLER is the start of a new adventure.
They leave their homeland to pursue career opportunities abroad, and that’s a significant and life-changing decision. Therefore, BESTSELLER wanted to provide an open and honest insight into the life and career journey as a trainee with BESTSELLER.

The activation of Own it became a vibrant, fast-paced, yet inviting and honest video concept that mixes abstract imagery, realistic work situations and personal phone recordings to represent the essence of Own it.

Anything but a traditional corporate campaign

Inspired by interviews with current and former BESTSELLER trainees the brand videos reflect real experiences and emotions around the trainee programs.

Two videos where made to reflect the difference in the trainee programs. The visual elements and pace differs and the voiceovers in particular highlights the individual identity and cultural markers of each program. One champions the real voices of the trainees, while the other uses rhyme schemes through spoken words – all done to strike a balance between the familiarities and unique features of both trainee programs.


Production: M2 Film and Bacon Productions
Photography: Tinna Emmertsen


Own it won silver at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in the category Human Resources. The award was given for crystal clear messaging, great showcasing of brand image, and stellar technical execution.

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