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Switching to an electric vehicle opens a whole new territory of charging solutions in a still evolving market. We embraced this complexity through drastic simplification.


Product value propositions are communicated on a need-to-know basis, facilitated by a strict approach to the information hierarchy. All secondary, detailed information and complex calculators are readily available in the background, for those in need, but are never used as a necessity to explain e-mobility and charging solutions to the curious user.

Illustrations tell the story

The holistic benefits of Clever’s product synergies are mediated through simple illustrations, while also telling the story of a connected e-mobility universe. As the users toy around with product preferences and addons, the illustrations also serve as a helping hand, to highlight the properties of the solution in its entirety.

This approach carries over to the onboarding of customers, as they navigate the customizability and options of home charging stations.

The result

An intuitive website with a simplified navigation. Downscaling the user's decision possibilities and strengthening the core differences of products.
Content was made less descriptive and more product focused, eliminating any excess information. A website that provides information exactly when the user needs it. Not more, not less.

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