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How do you redesign the largest customer loyalty program in Denmark?

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With roughly 1.5 million members, Club Matas is the largest customer loyalty club in Denmark. Together with Club Matas, we wanted to redesign the reward program while accommodating the needs of both low and high tier members, and then shoehorn everything into an all-new ambitious app.


Keeping customers engaged with Matas

Club Matas’ loyalty program had become bloated over time and the value it offered to members had diminished. The program and subsequently the mobile app needed a refresh on both iOS and Android. But how do you redesign a loyalty program that offers high tier customers enough value for their spending while keeping low tier customer engaged with the Matas brand?


From transactions to relationships

Club Matas’ strategy is to be recognized as the leading loyalty program in Denmark with clear value creation for both members, the market, and Matas. Instead of a traditional pure earn-and-burn approach which many loyalty programs are built around, Club Matas wanted to offer more than just a transactional relationship. The focus became about the relationship with the customers - just as it is when engaging with Matas employees instore.


A personalised app experience

Have you ever stepped into one of the newly revamped Matas Life stores? We wanted to envoke the same feeling of a personalized experience where inspiration, sensuality, and personal advice are at the core. The app offers a quick and easy way to shop and re-shop your favorite brands while offering inspiration for what is next. A personalized feed provides offers and reminders on your upcoming rewards.


At the time of writing the app is currently #4 in Lifestyle in Apple App Store and has a rating of 4.6 from 32.2k ratings. Judging from some numbers from Q1 2020 the app is also performing beyond expectations.

  • 250.000 Club Matas members shopped through the app and on
  • The app has also had a positive effect on the younger audience, where 60.000 people shopped through the app and online for the first time.

Even when COVID-19 hit, the first response Matas noticed was a considerable increase in app- and webshop visitors.

Overall the app has increased customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and it contribute to an increase in revenue.

1.5 million

Denmark's largest loyalty club

150 screens

Design for both iOS and Android