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Renewable Energy
Brand Activation
Brand Experience Design
Sara Marie Alvad

When Vestas introduced a new brand in the renewable energy sector, we crafted a distinctive name, actionable brand book, SoMe strategy, and a 360-degree digital playbook covering all touch points, incorporating brand features and market insights.

Challenge status quo in a well-established industry

As a sustainable energy leader, Vestas sought to transform the renewable industry with Covento. The goal was to simplify processes, making tasks like buying wind turbine blades and scheduling service inspections as effortless as online shopping.

The new brand and marketplace, needed to create the right awareness around their brand, offerings, and unique selling points in order to penetrate the market in the best way possible.

Covento - connecting 
the wind industry

Covento — a fusion of "connecting" and "vento" (Latin for wind), reflecting the marketplace's core value: Connecting industry peers to do time-efficient and sustainable business together while recognizing the Vestas mother brand.

Complete brand platform

With a distinctive and authentic name in place, we created the entire brand around it. We developed every essential brand asset, from the logo, 5th element, and typography to the visual identity, brand narrative, messaging, and tone of voice.

The whole brand platform turned into an actionable brand book with guidelines for every part of the brand across all touchpoints.

Actionable digital strategy

We developed a 360-degree digital marketing playbook embracing every digital touchpoint, core brand features and essential market insights. It includes personas, content themes and SoMe strategy for all digital channels and touchpoints.

In the end the results were an actionable digital strategy that enables every Covento stakeholder and employee to effectively communicate the essence of the brand through digital communication and initiatives.

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