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How do you brand the digital opportunities of tomorrow, without falling victim to clichés of the past?

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Putting Denmark on the world map within digital innovation

Digital Hub Denmark (DHD) was launched as a partnership between the public and private sector in Denmark. Their vision is to make Denmark a leader in Europe’s digital ecosystem and position Denmark as the home of new, sustainable, and cutting-edge digital solutions to attract top international talent, customers, and capital to accelerate growth in the Danish digital ecosphere.

(Above: video material by Sebastian Stigsby)


Visualize the digital opportunities of tomorrow

DHD wanted our help in branding Denmark as a leading digital hub in Europe and thereby attract international companies, talents and investments. At the same time, they wished to make connections and facilitate collaboration between Danish companies, research units and digital pioneers. The solution should aim to visualize the digital opportunities of tomorrow, without falling victim to clichés of the past. And the concept needed to span both digital, print, event design and more, always staying vibrant and relevant.


Growth & connections

At the core of our collaboration was the creation of a new CVI for DHD, that delivered on their promise. This led us to base their new CVI on references to ‘Growth & connections’, which is reflected in the slanted logotype and the endless connections created in the graphic element. Everything is crafted within a playful and explorative framework, in order to spark our imagination about tomorrow’s digital possibilities.

Brand video

Towards Digital Leadership

As part of the branding strategy, we conceptualized, storyboarded, shot and edited an international brand film, in close collaboration with the talented filmmaker Anders von Holck. The film communicates DHD’s lofty ambitions, while staying personal and relevant to the viewer. All in less than 90 seconds.


A targeted digital hub

DHD’s new website is designed to create relevant information hubs for their key target groups: tech talents, tech start-ups, and tech investors. Through playful funnels, the visitor is led to an abundance of targeted information about specific tech ecosystems, career opportunities, company showcases, helpful articles about life in Denmark, and much more.

The website incorporates playful 3D Web Technology, adding new layers to the corporate visual identity.

Delegation platform

Customise your visit

DHD also needed a delegation platform, helping international delegations travelling to Denmark customise their visit. We delivered UX and design for the platform, which is accessible through the website. The platform makes it easy for the travelling party to tailor their visit, based on their areas of interest, inspirational introductions to tech areas, on-site company visits, and much more.

Event design

Digital frontrunners

In August 2019, DHD invited more than 600 digital frontrunners and 20 international and Danish speakers to an exclusive launch event at the legendary VEGA in the heart of Vesterbro, Copenhagen. We helped DHD with event design, including a wide range of stationary and playful animations, setting the scene for the inspirational event Digital Frontrunners.