How do you help a union embark on a comprehensive digital transformation journey?

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Finansforbundet is the labor union for financial institutions in Denmark with +50.000 members. With a substantial investment in innovation over a 3-year period the ambition is pretty clear. Finansforbundet wants to be the leading union in Denmark and offer clear value to its members.

Finansforbundet’s purpose is to support its members in succeeding in their work life. The pace of change has never been faster which means Finansforbundet must adapt in order to offer continuous and up-to-date value to its members through new digital offerings, as well as developing the organization and internal processes to deal with the demands of the future.


Launch products faster to market

As a political and member organization Finansforbundet is not experienced, nor well-equipped to launch products quickly and continuously. Therefore, 1508 partnered up with Finansforbundet in the long term to teach the organization to leverage insights, conduct experiments, and test and launch products quickly as well as work human centred and structured with design thinking.


Get closer to needs of the members

To create a well-established knowledge foundation and to pinpoint barriers and opportunities for the members we conducted a comprehensive research phase with 32 members and union representatives across the country. The research revealed strong insights which laid the entire foundation for our work going forward and where to narrow down our focus.

Focus areas

Personalized member journeys

In order to map out relevant member journeys where we could test out hypotheses, we developed a strategic framework based on a subway map. The purpose was to bring members from a need or a problem statement to a situation of clarification. The stops on the way on the subway journey could be existing offerings and services or hypothesis about new solutions that would help alleviate a pain or accommodate a need. We could then validate if those solutions helped bring the member from A to B. From problem to ideal state.


Digital transformation - together

From snackable self assessment tools to a tech/finance dictionary to a knowledge platform, to a comprehensive new website. We helped conceptualize, design and develop Finansforbundet’s new offerings towards their members, but we also succeeded in changing the organization and its mindset from the inside.

From day one, we established a 1508 embassy inside Finansforbundet, working as colleagues, side by side, in a beautiful symbiosis. We wanted to get close to Finansforbundet’s members, but we also wanted to get close to Finansforbundet. We relied heavily on their expertise, knowhow and extended experience with the members. Only then could we leverage the full potential and embark on a digital transformation journey - together.


A digital ecosytem that becomes smarter

The more we expand the ecosystem, the more we get to know about the members and their preferences - the better experiences we can offer.

Our approach was to help solve business needs, yet always with the members at its core. With full stack production teams, with PM’s, UX’ers, designers, frontend and backend development, we could launch products quickly into the market and get valuable learning from members and then iterate and improve those offerings.

The solutions were thought into a larger digital ecosystem with emphasis on constantly improving the member journey. The more we know about members - the better experience we can offer. We even built an advanced recommendation engine to serve relevant suggestions to members, that match their current situation.