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Land of Hope

Land of Hope
Brand Experience Design
Sara Marie Alvad

DINNødhjælp aimed to rebrand their identity and establish a more robust international presence reflective of the organization's scale and mission. We developed a new brand platform and visual identity, now known as Land of Hope.

A positive narrative in the fight against superstition

In 2014, DINNødhjælp founder Anja Ringgren Lovén established one of Africa's largest children's centers. The organization's mission evolved from a single enthusiast's vision to a professional entity, aiming to shift focus from Anja to its work in Nigeria. Additionally they seeked to reframe the negative "witch children" label as a socio-political issue rooted in uninformed superstition.

A powerful identity serving a greater purpose

We developed a new brand platform and visual identity under the name “Land of Hope” establishing the organization’s work as a positive story of hope, love, and life rather than a negative story of despair and death.

To emphasize Land of Hope's work and mission, the name also received a powerful tagline: United Against Superstition. It was all developed based on three core values for the overall brand: Care, Protection, and Education. Values that are both strong and robust but also loving and caring.

Scandinavian minimalism and African heritage

We developed a new name, logo, visual identity with vibrant icons, a brand book called "Book of Hope," diverse merchandise, and an appealing website for a unified experience. The brand book distills strategic efforts, ensuring a consistent vision, with a visual identity showcasing 10 symbols inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, African heritage, and drawings from the Akwa Ibom children's center, blending modernity and timelessness.


Land of Hope’s new brand identity won a Red Dot Award in 2020. The award is given for the creation of a strong international profile. The project won two Red Dot Awards in the category Corporate Design & Identity and Brand & Identity.

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