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Morten Øhlenschlæger Andersen

When MobilePay became independent from Danske Bank, they needed their own identity. We found that playfulness is at the very core of everything they offer.

Best brand in Denmark

MobilePay has a unique identity that is flexible and adaptable across contexts, platforms and channels, where products were readily distributable by partner banks.

In 2022 YouGov ranked MobilePay as the best brand in Denmark in their yearly Best Brand Rankings.

Exchanges with a touch of wonder

MobilePay is more than just a banking service which facilitates quick transactions between users. MobilePay is an interaction between people, empowering us and bringing us closer together. It is a collection of services aiming to make everyday life easier, more fun and at times almost magical.

It is all about better and stronger relationships. About people meeting and connecting in marvelous and playful ways.

Free-floating, playful and human

The redesigned brand identity is based on the legacy of Danske Bank and the financial sector but adds a dimension of being a service provider that connects people in a playful and magical way.

The logo has kept its basic shape, but the unambiguous reference to banknotes has made way for a more free-floating element that is open to interpretations and capable of making surprising illustrations, that work as a strong identity marker.


The typography PayType is based on the idiom of the logo. It is humanistic, welcoming and trustworthy. It was created in collaboration with Playtype.

The images are filled with colour and joy, because MobilePay is designed to bring people together. Photography by Rasmus Weng Karlsen.

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