How do you redesign the entire digital experience of Denmark’s largest domestic ferry company?

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New strategic business goals

Every year, Molslinjen welcomes more than 8 million passengers on buses and the world's largest high-speed ferries throughout Denmark. This impressive number sets high expectations for Molslinjen's digital platforms, where the user experience for planning a journey and buying tickets should be as smooth and seamless as possible.

As a result of the growing customer base, Molslinjen has established a new set of strategic business goals that focus on creating a more personalized and scalable digital user experience to increase customer loyalty and revenue from upselling.


Rethink and redesign the digital user experiences

Consequently, Molslinjen needed to rethink and redesign their digital user experiences across all platforms to embrace the new strategic goals.

Together with Molslinjen, 1508 set out to create a strong strategic foundation and a best in class product experience that’s been brought to life in close collaboration with Knowit Experience and Vertica.

One of the challenges was to add more granularity to the buying process without it becoming more cumbersome for the users. With special attention to the booking flow across devices, we meticulously mapped out every step of the customer journey, and redesigned it with more and better choices for personalizing the trip, without compromising the seamless buying experience that Molslinjen was already known and appreciated for.


Personalized booking flow

From extensive desk research, interviews, documentation, and field trips to different ferry destinations, we mapped out every possible buying scenario and combined those with the new possibilities for personalization within the booking flow – including ticket type, food options, priority preferences, seating and much more.

That led to hundreds of different potential user flows – and all possible scenarios are implemented in the new booking flow, which presents an extremely personalized user experience without any friction and unnecessary complexity. In addition, the new booking flow meet all the European WCAG requirements within the transport business.

A scalable design system

We created a new digital CVI – With respect for the strong brand legacy, we designed a more modern look and feel for the digital experience with Molslinjen’s distinct royal blue color serving as a primary identity marker on the one hand and clear usability guidance on the other - providing clear contrast to improve navigation and overview.

We then developed a design system with hierarchical building blocks that clearly communicate how individual colors, shapes, and buttons relate to specific functions and actions in the flow.

To make the booking flow as fast and intuitive as possible, many options are pre- selected for the user based on the most popular choices.

The design system plays a crucial role in communicating these choices, ensuring that the user always has a clear understanding of the available personalization options.

The design system makes it easy to scale the design across Molslinjen's touchpoints, ensuring a consistent look and feel across the many different bus and ferry routes that Molslinjen operates throughout Denmark.

1508 and Molslinjen are just getting started on the digital journey that involves constant business development and designing of digital initiatives to ensure the most delightful and smooth sailing-experience for all Danes traveling across the country.

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Get in touch:
Sara Marie Alvad
CEO, Aarhus
+45 2249 8343

A project in collaboration with:
Knowit Experience & Vertica