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Sara Marie Alvad

To embrace new strategic goals Molslinjen enhanced its’ customer experience on all platforms. We assisted in establishing a robust strategic foundation and delivered a best-in-class digital experience.

Rethink and redesign the digital user experiences

To accommodate Molslinjens growing customer base of over 8 million passengers annually, Molslinjen wanted to revamp its digital platforms, aligning with new strategic objectives. Collaborating with us, Vertica, and Knowit Experience, we crafted a strong strategic foundation and an in top product experience adding more granularity to the buying process without it becoming more cumbersome for the users.

Personalized booking flow

We redesigned Molslinjen’s booking flow, ensuring a seamless experience across devices with enhanced personalization options. Our thorough process, including research and field trips, considered various buying scenarios, resulting in a new booking flow accommodating hundreds of potential user flows combined with new personalization features in the booking flow, such as ticket types, food choices, priority preferences, and seating.

The personalized experience meets European WCAG requirements for the transport industry, offering simplicity without unnecessary complexity.

Scalable design system

We modernized Molsinjen's digital brand identity with a refreshed look and feel, highlighting the distinct royal blue color for identity and usability. This design system facilitates easy scalability across all touchpoints, maintaining a consistent appearance for the various bus and ferry routes that Molslinjen operates throughout Denmark.

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