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How do you design a place brand, that does more than just glorify?

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Nordisk Ministerråd (The Nordic Council of Ministers) has turned place branding upside down.

Instead of showing the fairytale wonders of the North, Nordisk Ministerråd decided to brand the Nordic values through Nordic Talks, a series of talks and podcasts where bright minds offer a fresh perspective on how we all can act for a more sustainable and socially just future.

Nordic Talks wants to show the Nordics in the World and not to the world.


Nordisk Ministerråd needed help bringing life to the Nordic Talks concept. They needed help engaging people, shaping the experience and start the important conversations across the globe and across a broad set of social content.


The concept strives to let the people – the thinkers and doers who start the conversations - take centre stage in the experience. Always with a keen focus on engaging people to take action on sustainability issues in our everyday lives. Nordic Talks celebrates the uniqueness of different contributions by highlighting issues that can inspire everyone from gamers and tech-nerds to foodies and policymakers.

The concept is easy integrated into any region of the world, which is why it has been able to travel from Svalbard to Somaliland, and everywhere in between.

Media and platforms

We’ve helped brand Nordic Talks by giving a distinct and engaging visual profile, coming to life in visuals, animation, cover art and more. The design is implemented across a wide variety of platforms and media, including a new website, event design, a digital toolbox, as well as in Social Medias like Instagram and Spotify.


So far, Nordic Talks has travelled to 44 countries and collaborated with 80 Nordic embassies and more than 200 partners in more than 60 events. And still counting...

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