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Morten Øhlenschlæger Andersen

Nuuday provides technological services that matter to people. We found that the brand experience had to evoke the feeling of waking up to an exciting and purposeful day.

Good Rebels United

TDC OpCo is now Nuuday. Nuuday is a family of strong brands, such as YouSee, Blockbuster, Fullrate, and Telmore, providing TV, broadband, network, and telecommunication services to the majority of Denmark. Nuuday wants to be a company of united good rebels that makes sense of technology and helps create an inspirational progressive culture.

The rising sun – every day is a nuu' day

A great concept has the ability to embrace and catalyse solutions and possibilities. Our design concept takes great inspiration from the name: Nuuday – the new day. The feeling of waking up to a day that is going to be exciting and purposeful.

The tag, typography and all other elements are created by the transforming sun, bringing unity and alignment to the otherwise rebellious and friendly expression. Nuuday's custom-made font Nuu Type has 9 weights to look just right in any situation. The colors support our friendly and open expression.

A customizable dynamic solution

A toolbox that inspires personal creation – in opposition to the generic rules and restraints that many corporate languages require. The design is created to develop, evolve and embrace the creation by the united good rebels.

Try out the tag generator and draw your own tags in the field below. Enjoy!

Red Dot Award

The Nuuday brand transformation won a Red Dot Award in 2020. The award is given for high design quality and creative performance. The project won a Red Dot Award in the category Brands and Communication Design.

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