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Bo Steinicke

Pensions can seem a bit cumbersome and generate a feeling of something you should have done, but somehow will not get around to. We addressed that feeling to create a sense of security and trust.

Communication around life events

PKA is a Danish pension fund with more than 350,000 members, primarily within the healthcare sector. In 2021, PKA, FORCA and 1508 initiated an ambitious project where PKA's communication would be based on data about members' life events. For instance, if a member gets divorced, it will have an impact on her pension, and she will therefore receive a short and precise notification, explaining the consequences and outlining the recommendations.

Simple messages at the right time

The idea is as simple as it has proven to be effective: Build a system that gives the members a simple message, at the right time, with the right call to action. This builds trust. A trust that PKA is taking care of their pension and is reaching out in situations when needed.

Continuous learning

The project is based on a build, measure, learn loop throughout all phases. From the first prototypes we tested and iterated, until we had a proven concept.
The focus has been on going to market quickly with a basic flow, but at the same time making sure that we have a basic idea with market traction.

Now we have a full running concept with impressive member traction, and we keep on building and measuring in a learning loop to develop the concept even further.

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