1508 is a design firm from Copenhagen with almost 20 years’ experience in creating value for businesses and people through the use of design and technology. We have a unique perspective on design, as we interact in the section between C-level executives and end-users and know what it takes to make design a tangible experience for both parties.

In the service of knowledge-sharing

We have been hosting our own knowledge-sharing sessions for the last five years called MorgenBoosters. In these Boosters, we present or facilitate talks at our offices about design, technology or innovation. January 2020 will mark MorgenBooster number 100 and more than XXX people have taken part of these Boosters to date.

A potential speaker at your conference

We are interested in spreading our messages to a larger audience at a bigger stage and have for this reason reached out to you, as we see a good fit between your conference and our ideology. We bring a fresh and current view of design and innovation and would add a different perspective to your conference.

A basket of subjects

Have a look at the talks down below to see what we have a passion to talk about.