Creative Technologist

We are looking for a Creative Technologist with 3+ years of experience to join our team of passionate geeks, human-centered designers, and business thinkers.

Posted: 1/6/2022

Application Deadline: 1/30/2022


We are looking for a Creative Technologist to join us with 3+ years of experience from a similar role and responsibilities. You have relevant education and you are an EU resident or have a European work permit.

We hope you recognize yourself in most of the following qualifications:

  • Front-end development: You are experienced in the arts of JavaScript, HTML and CSS and care about animation, flows and the look-and-feel of things. You have good skills within interaction design and love building scalable, performant web interfaces for mobile to desktop devices.
  • Technologies: You have experience with tools like React, Vue, Svelte or similar, and you have probably heard about ‘Jamstack’ and ‘Functional Programming’. You see the value in using modern future proof stacks and are on a constant lookout for technologies and tools that can enhance your work and solve real problems.
  • Data: You view data as a design material for building digital experiences. You have a solid grip on using REST APIs (and maybe GraphQL) and know how data structures can impact scalability and view layers.
  • Design: You understand the underlying principles of graphic- and motion design and know how to collaborate and co-create with designers and UX experts.
  • Prototyping & deep dives: Fast deadlines or long hauls - neither scares you off. You can spin up a basic landing page in a matter of hours, and love iterating continuously to test impact and meet user needs. Likewise, taking deep dives makes you leverage your architectural skills and keeps you engaged in refining optimal solutions.
  • Full stack & cloud: You see terms like databases, cloud functions and microservices as an opportunity to expand your skillset and professional reach. You have some experience working with NodeJS, and can integrate towards platforms like Contentful, Firebase, Umbraco, etc.

We value people who are inclusive, curious, motivated, team-oriented, demonstrate leadership, take initiatives, and create relations.

About the role

As part of a small team, you will have great influence on how we work and where we are going. We expect you to hold your own, be a great advisor for your colleagues and our clients, and deliver best in class experiences using creative technologies.

You will join cross-disciplinary teams that work with our clients to deliver meaningful change through the design of products, services, processes, and businesses. We are design thinking practitioners who are eager to learn through hypotheses, prototypes and experiments to devise new solutions that make an impact.

You will enter agile development teams and work solo on internal products. Projects vary from smaller components in a larger context to full stack development on smaller projects.

Our office is located at Christianshavn in central Copenhagen.

About 1508

We are a strategic design company that has been around since 2000. We are a team of nearly 35 skilled people and each of us adds to the unique 1508-spirit. We see our culture as our primary asset and allow no assholes and no bullshit. We continuously experiment with the way we work, to always bring quality in what we deliver to the world.


Please apply by sending an email to with the subject "Creative Technologist".

You are also welcome to contact our Creative Tech Director, Per Jackson, on or telephone +45 5380 1105 to learn more about the job. We look forward to hearing from you.

Application deadline: 31st of January – but we’d like to hear from you as soon as possible.