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Junior Designer & Content Creator (Aarhus)

Are you an aspiring content enthusiast with the skills to design and bring your content to life? Then you might be the student assistant we are looking for to assist our team approximately 10-15 hours per week.

Posted: 08/07/24

We are looking for a structured and self-driven visual designer with an understanding of media and platforms. It’s an advantage if you already have experience in designing content for advertisement on one or more platforms such as Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok, Youtube, Google Ads etc. You will have the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks, and to continuously learn and evolve.

You will become part of 1508, a creative digital agency specialized in design, digital products, and communication. We are a young and social team who loves to collaborate and laugh together. At 1508 you will work with copywriters, social media consultants, brand and digital designers, project managers, and UX professionals. We all share a passion for digital user experiences through innovative and top-notch creative solutions.

Who are you

  • Strong skills and a passion for concept development and campaign planning and execution

  • You are a visual designer by skill and media-lover by heart. You know how to create visual content that performs well, and how to modify it to different channels.

  • You are passionate about content creation for different contexts -

    whether as single assets or as part of a broader concept and/or campaign.

  • Your preferred tool is Figma, where you can unfold your visual creativity while paying attention to details.

  • It is a plus, if you are able to create a captivating copywriting for your visuals, but you will also have a lot of support from our team of experienced copywriters.

  • You take pride in your work, and you are not afraid to present to the client.

  • You are self-leading, meaning you don't sit idle after completing a task but proactively move on to the next task on your list.

  • We expect that you can keep track of multiple responsibilities, and that you are able to juggle various tasks at the same time.

  • You should be fluent in Danish, as some of our customers require content in Danish.

Finally, you should be able to allocate 10-15 hours per week for work. Your current education is not crucial, but we imagine that you have at least a year left in your academic journey.

What are your main tasks?

  • Content creation

    • designing graphics

    • video production

    for digital channels & social platforms:

In addition, you will assist in other tasks as needed.

Why choose us?

We are located in a lovely, creative space in Aarhus C, where you also can enjoy the expertise of our talented chefs in our lunch restaurant. Our colorful cocktail trolley rolls in every Friday afternoon, and the city's best coffee beans are ready to be transformed into consultant fuel in our espresso machine. But first and foremost, choose 1508 because:

  • You will join a team of highly skilled colleagues.

  • You will be introduced to some really interesting and great clients in our portfolio.

  • You will have a high degree of freedom and the opportunity to work with professionals from various disciplines.

  • You will become part of a social, loose, ambitious, no-bullshit kind-of-culture – both during and outside working hours it is a lovely place to be.

At 1508 you will be able to collaborate, laugh, challenge each other, and be exactly who you are. Can you see yourself in the position? Don't hesitate to send your application, CV, and other relevant material (portfolio appreciated) our way, as we continuously send out invitations for interviews. If you have any questions about the job or 1508 as a workplace, you can contact Ditte brix at or by phone at 29424846.

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