Senior UX Designer

We are looking for a senior UX designer with 5+ years of experience to join our family of design doers, passionate geeks, human-centered designers, and business thinkers.

Posted: 10/16/2020

Application Deadline: 11/1/2020


  • Design thinking: You embrace a design thinking mindset and master creative problem-solving.
  • User research: Identifying user needs is your backbone skill. You work human-centered and translate user insights into journey maps and problems into How Might We's. You develop concepts rooted in research. You run tests and learn from real people to iterate or pivot.
  • Interaction design: You are a proficient prototyper - from low-fidelity to clickable mock-ups with animations and transitions that simulate the end product. You create flow diagrams, know your interaction patterns, and are well-versed with accessibility & usability.
  • Working with developers: You are familiar with and have experience with agile development methods. You embrace the transition from dead pixels to a product that can be used by end-users.
  • Project design: You are eager to pitch in and help win new projects and clients. You are familiar with how to best design a project and process to create relevant output and outcomes. It is a positive asset if you have product-owner and light project management skills.
  • Facilitation: You have solid facilitation skills and enjoy finding new ways to engage people and effectively move a group of people forward. You will facilitate workshops, design sprints, presentations, and meetings. You will also have the opportunity to present and host Morgenboosters where we aim to inspire the world around us.
  • Value proposition: You have experience in working with value proposition statements, value proposition canvas, and know how to formulate and work with hypotheses.
  • Business design: You understand our clients' business and ecosystem. It is positive if you have an entrepreneurial mindset, are familiar with business design, and the processes of creating profitable business ideas that contribute to growth over time.
  • Personality: We value people who are inclusive, curious, motivated, team-oriented, demonstrate leadership, take initiatives, and create relations.
  • Experience: We are looking for a senior UX designer to join us with 5+ years of experience from a similar role and responsibilities. You have relevant education.

Dare to Matter through design thinking

You will join a cross-disciplinary team that works with our clients to deliver meaningful change through the design of products, services, processes, and businesses.

We are design thinking practitioners who are eager to learn through hypotheses', prototypes, and experiments, to devise new solutions that make an impact.

The role

As part of a cross-disciplinary team, you will be a driver in figuring out "what's the problem really?" in the strategic phase. In the concept phase, you will often work design sprint-based. You will ideate, prototype, test, and learn. You will mature the product and detail interactions during the build and implementation phase to the MVP launch.

There will be dynamic weeks with a high pace and weeks with time dedicated to deep-diving into the details e.g. detailed prototypes.

You will have the opportunity to continuously develop and hone your UX skills and profile. We are a company and a UX department with broad skillsets, who thrive on feedback and sparring, enjoy experimenting, taking initiative, and making ideas tangible. You will have the opportunity to further develop our methods within UX.

About 1508

We are a strategic design company that has been around since 2000. We are a team of nearly 40 skilled people and each of us adds to the unique 1508-spirit. We allow no assholes and no bullshit. We see our culture as our primary asset and our unfair advantage. We love to experiment with our own company and rhythm of work. Some of the experiments that have come to last are e.g. Fireside chats, company-wide stand-up on Fridays, service jams, open management meetings, and project retros.


Please apply by sending an email to with the subject "Senior UX Designer".

You are also welcome to contact our Strategy and UX Director, Louise W. Klinker, on or telephone +45 7025 1508 to learn more about the job. We look forward to hearing from you.

Application deadline: 1st November – but we’d like to hear from you as soon as possible.

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