Student Job (Design, Front or Project Management)

1508 is looking for graduate students for our Talent Team within both Design, Front end, digital interaction and Project management.

Posted: 7/2/2019


You have started or are about to start your master's degree within one of the aforementioned subject areas (Design, Front End and Project Management).

You can work independently and feel comfortable in different and changing team compositions.

You can work 2-3 days a week at our office in Christianshavn.

You are hungry to learn new things, work focused and have fun.

Job Description

As a student assistant at 1508, you become part of a Talent Team that assists in both customer-oriented tasks and internal projects. Our Talent-Team consists of the same mix of professions, as our pro-teams (Client lead, creative tech and design) and will on selected assignments work independently with both planning, facilitation and execution.

You will be affiliated with a pro-buddy for professional sparring and will join the remaining Talent Team in monthly check-ins with our Talent Team coordinator.

We offer a workplace and an environment with great focus on learning, professional pride and a strong social cohesion.

1508 are advisors within strategical design aimed towards digital transformation and business development of large Danish and foreign companies. 1508 was established on the 15th of August, in the year 2000, and since the beginning we have been devoted to helping our customers realize their digital potential. Our clients include Novo Nordisk, Danfoss, Nordea, Maersk Drilling, Ikano Bank, ATP, Ferm Living and SMK.

How to apply for the job

Send your application and CV to

We hold talks during August and hire when we find the right candidates.

If you have any questions, please contact our Talent-Team coordinator, Emil Frost on tel. 25486245.

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