We are looking for an experienced Senior UX Designer who is passionate about digital products and services. You know your UX skills to the core and develop digital solutions that are desirable for the users, viable for the company and technologically feasible.

Posted: 3/6/2019

Application Deadline: 11/12/2019


  • You have a good grasp of the classic UX disciplines; User Involvement, User Journeys, Flows, Information Architecture, Wireframing and Prototyping
  • You have an interest in process design and can run a project in the UX phase
  • You insist on involving stakeholders from the client's company as well as the people who are going to use the final product/service
  • You try to understand the client's business
  • You thrive in a cross-functional team who often work with sprint-based methods
  • You are curious and have experience with Design Sprints and Value Proposition Mapping
  • You have a minimum of five years experience in the UX field. It's an advantage if you have an entrepreneurial mindset

We offer

You will become a part of a cross-functional team, who helps our customers design services, products and processes that make a difference. You will help run the strategy and UX phase and be an active part of concept, detail UX and implementation. Often, the projects are part of a larger digital transformation which we help the client go through.

You will often work sprint-based as part of a team, where you will develop and test ideas with users - often in just a single week. Still, you are going to be part of the entire journey and follow the ideas all the way to the end, including the development of prototypes and UX-design where you can go in detail with the user experience. This means that there are fast-paced weeks, and weeks that allow for deeper contemplation. It is an advantage if you have the ability to consider how microinteractions support the given brand.

You will get the opportunity to evolve and teach your colleagues about your specific area of knowledge. We are a strategy and UX department consisting of different profiles with a broad spectre of competencies. We thrive in seeking feedback from each other and love experimenting, take initiative and make ideas come to life. You will get the chance to further develop our methods in the field.

You will be part of an energetic culture where conceptualizing and making your ideas tangible for the rest of the team is crucial. It is an advantage if you can draw an idea or a flow quickly, and that you can prototype in a combination of Sketch and Invision.

You will test your concepts and ideas with real people. You have hypotheses about what the end-user wants, but you validate your solutions with those who are actually going to use the product. It is an advantage if you have experience in testing prototypes, both qualitative face-to-face and quantitative, which could be online in form of user panels.

You will also get the chance to become a speaker at our Morgenboosters - all in all, you will need to use all your facilitating- and presentation skills at meetings and workshops.

Your application

Are you the profile we are looking for and does the job match your desires, then send an application with the title "Senior UX Designer" to job@1508.dk. We'd like to receive you application as soon as possible. We are doing ongoing interviews and expect the position to start before the summer holidays.

You are also welcome to call our Strategy & UX Director, Louise W. Klinker, on telephone 7025 1508 and learn more about the job.

1508 are advisors within strategical design aimed towards digital transformation and business development of large Danish and foreign companies. 1508 was established on the 15th of August, in the year 2000, and since the beginning we have been devoted to helping our customers realize their digital potential. Our clients, among others, include Novo Nordisk, Nordea, Maersk Drilling, Ikano Bank, ATP, Ferm Living, and SMK.

1508 runs the knowledge-sharing-concept Morgenbooster, which comprises morning seminars, executive networking groups and more than 9,000 members in Denmark's largest community for digital development.

Apply to job@1508.dk