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Accessibility – Designing Inclusive and Innovative Solutions

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On June 28th, 2025, all products and services must be accessible for people with disabilities. Products and services launched before this date have until June 28, 2030, to modify their offerings to comply with the new law.

The new EU accessibility directive aims to meet the growing demand for accessible products and services, as the number of people with disabilities is expected to rise. By promoting accessibility, it fosters inclusivity and empowers individuals with disabilities to live independently.

Join us for this Morgenbooster as we delve into the demands of The European Accessibility Act and explore how we can design products and services that are accessible to all. Learn practical approaches to implementing these requirements and discover how to create inclusive solutions that meet both legal standards and user needs. This session isn't just about compliance; it's about transforming your design approach to create meaningful impact and fostering a more inclusive and accessible digital world.

Annebel Tang Züger

User Experience

Daniel Winther-Korn

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