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AI and Design Vol. 2 – Navigating the New Frontier

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Wilders Plads 13 A
1403 København K

Join us for the eagerly anticipated Volume 2 of our Morgenbooster, where we delve deeper into the rapidly evolving landscape of AI in design. This session promises to be an exploratory journey through the latest advancements within AI.

Discovering New Horizons: AI Tools and Innovations

In the first segment, we will showcase the cutting-edge tools and AI innovations that are reshaping the design industry. Our team has been experimenting with a range of new technologies, and we are excited to share our findings. We will guide you through the most promising AI applications that are not just cool to know about, but essential for staying ahead in the design world.

Behind the Scenes: AI in Action

For the finale, we're opening our 'engine room' to give you a rare glimpse into the raw and real world of developing solutions with generative AI at the core. Witness an exclusive experimental AI tool we're currently working on. We'll show you the rough code, the evolving design, and the iterative process that drives our innovation. This behind-the-scenes look is a unique opportunity to see the developmental stages of AI driven web apps.

Prepare to be inspired, informed, and involved in discussions that will shape the future of design. Whether you're a designer, tech enthusiast, or simply curious about the future of AI, this seminar will provide valuable insights. Join us for a morning of learning, networking, and forward-thinking discussions.

Daniel Winther-Korn

Thomas Alexander Woolff


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