Brand Experience Design


Brand Experience Design

It is written on the first page in the purpose description for most new digital solutions, that they need to service customers and create value. But how do we design experiences that invites engagement and loyalty and makes the customer a voluntary ambassador for your service or product? Lacking compliance between brand and user experience can weaken the relation between business and customer or between institution and user.

On the other hand, a coherent and excellently executed brand experience can create enormous business value. Nevertheless, digital services and benefits are often designed without a clear goal to integrate and challenge brand stories and strategy in the experience across channels, contact points and situations of use, and without clear methods to carry brand concepts safely through strategy, creative development and execution.

On this Morgenbooster, Hjørdis Thorborg, Brand Experience Designer in 1508, opened up the wonderful world of brand experience design.

It is our take on a process for creating more engaging design solutions, where the brand story is integrated in the digital experience. Watch or rewatch the booster where Hjørdis, with starting point in a number of chosen cases, shows how we combine elements from Experience Design, Value Proposition Design and Brand Utility to create strong solutions.