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No one visits your website specifically to look for the homepage or navigate through your information architecture. People come there, because they have a job to do.

In a highly mentioned case on A List Apart, Ida Aalen tells about an increase in convertion rates for Norwegian Cancer Society at 186 % in one-time donations alone. Those are numbers, that speak for themselves. The method is called CORE.

CORE is a process that helps focus on that which creates real value for the business and for the customers.

In short, it's about focusing less on the overall structure. Instead we take the starting point in the pages that the customers land on through Google or other places - then to lead them to the pages that benefits the business-oriented goals.

Watch or rewatch the video and slides from the Morgenbooster where Lisbeth Rinda Torp Christensen, User Experience Designer, and Peter Solow, Head of Interface Development, talk about the CORE method and our experiences with it

Lisbeth Rinda Torp

Head of Digital Products, Copenhagen