Creating a Digital Universe for a Vibrant Brand


Brand Experience Design

In this Morgenbooster, Stina Nordquist, Senior Digital Designer, and Hjørdis Thorborg, Brand Experience Designer, shared their experiences from the process of designing a new brand site to supporting HAY’s strong and progressive brand.

One clear goal for the new was to build on the unique brand DNA while creating an inspiring and flexible universe for unfolding rich stories behind each product. At the same time, the goal has been to create coherence between the experience in the physical shops and the digital platform.

Forbes wrote: “Their website is worth looking at prior to a visit - the photo shoots and animations they have created are almost as beautiful as visiting the store itself.”

In this Morgenbooster, Stina and Hjørdis shared their insights on how to transform a brand into a rich and engaging digital experience.

Stina Nordquist

Senior Designer