Data as a Creative Raw Material


Digital Transformation

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Business transformation has always embraced new technologies and processes as a source of inspiration for innovation. But we are at a junction where much of these breakthroughs are built on data and we are drowning in vast amounts of it. Making sense of all that data and using it meaningfully is one side of the coin. Being able to harness the data explosion as a raw material for new and innovative products and services is the other side.

At this Morgenbooster, Vinay Venkatraman, CEO at Leapcraft, talked about how data can become a raw material for new product innovation to drive a digital transformation revolution. Vinay also showed examples of the various approaches in the fusion of algorithms, sensors networks and apps that enable this new paradigm.

Vinay is the CEO and founder of Leapcraft - a Big Data & IoT driven innovation consultancy. Helping build new ventures, startup of new ideas and working deeply at the intersection of design, data and science. In the past, Vinay has worked at the intersection of design and technology practices, consulting to companies worldwide and lecturing at various international venues. His current interests are in exploring the design & application of simple technologies to solve some of the world's wicked problems.

Vinay Venkatraman

CEO & founder, Leapcraft