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Designing for What If (instead of as is)

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Wilders Plads 13 A
1403 København K

Design, as a craft, has evolved. It has shifted from focusing solely on shapes and colors to encompassing a mindset and methodology that we can leverage to create anything – from meaningful digital solutions to societal change.

Join us for this Booster as we explore Futures Thinking and its role in design. Learn how this methodology opens doors to understanding tomorrow's challenges today. Gain insights into how we, as designers, can collaborate and craft forward-looking solutions that address interconnected global issues.

This session isn't just about theory; it's about practical tools and a mindset shift. We'll illustrate these concepts through a real-world case study, showing you how Futures Thinking actively shapes design solutions. Walk away with a clearer understanding of how design can create meaningful impact, beyond the here and now, and how you can be a part of shaping the future.

Mathias Spangby O'Neill


Bo Steinicke

Client Innovation

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