Digital Transformation in SKAT


Digital Transformation

Business Transformation

SKAT has through a number of years been first mover in exploiting digital options and moving solutions and customer contact from offline to online. At first, this happened at the introduction to self-service solutions for the phones and later with web-based type-yourself solutions for both citizens and companies, which today is being used massively for both customer segments.

Not everything has gone easily on the IT-front in SKAT. Several large IT-project has run into problems during its course which has resulted in delays, cost overruns and challenges in the organizational implementation.

Now SKAT faces having to introduce a new generation of digital solutions and a new way of working with digital customer service.

In this Morgenbooster, Richard Hanlov, Director of Development in SKAT, talked about why SKAT has established a digital innovation unit in the heart of SKAT and what the goals for this gamble was. Mikkel Jespersen, partner in 1508, talked about the collaboration with SKAT in the new innovation unit.

Richard Hanlov

Director of Development, SKAT

Mikkel Jespersen

Co-founder & Chairman