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The internet emits the same amount of CO2 as aviation. Find out why and get actionable insight into how we might reduce our digital products’ carbon footprint.

More and more people get access to the internet, enhancing the lives of millions of people and giving us a lot to do. As a digital agency, we design, develop and maintain digital solutions for the internet every day.

Unfortunately, like mandarins traveling across Europe from Spain to provide us with Christmas spirit, data traveling across the globe to show us a cool website also emits an enormou amount of CO2.

Luckily, how far the data has to travel and how big the amount is are just two of the many areas we can work with when we design, develop and maintain our digital solutions.

Join us to hear more about the why, what and how.

Kristine Emilie Hansen

User Experience

Peter Solow

Lead Developer at Knowit

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