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Hard Data & Simple Messages: Designing a Pension Service Everybody Can Understand

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Wilders Plads 13A
1403 København

How do you turn pension, a difficult and perhaps a bit boring subject, into simple and relevant messages for 350,000 members? That is what this Morgenbooster will answer.

Pension is a difficult topic. To many people it's also a bit boring and something you probably should get in order, but often dont come around to.PKA is a Danish pension fund with more than 350,000 members, primarily within the healthcare sector. Together with Forca and 1508, PKA wanted to build a system that gives their members a simple message, at the right time, with the right call to action.The starting point of the project has been the needs and life situations of the members, and the goal to create a sense of security and trust among the members, that PKA is taking care of their pension.At this Morgenbooster you will be able to learn how to simplify communication through data and the development of the product "Servicetjek", which is based on the members' life events. You will also get a taste of how to build and launch product and services based on ongoing membership feedback loops, A-B testing and prototyping.So come join Anders Schmidt Hansen, Delivery manager at PKA and Bo Steinicke, Client Lead at 1508 for an interesting talk.Note: This Morgenbooster is in Danish.

Bo Steinicke

Client Innovation

Anders Schmidt Hansen

Delivery managerPKA

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