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How Design Supports Creation of Nuuday

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Wilders Plads 13A
1403 København

TDC has recently divided TDC Group into two separate entities: A company covering all infrastructure activities and a company for all content and services. The later has been named Nuuday and was launched in March 2019. Nuuday includes brands like YouSee, Telmore and Fullrate.

So how do you create a common ground and a platform for more than 1.500 employees within media and technology? And how do you use design as a material in nurturing a culture of a mature startup like Nuuday?

In this Morgenbooster Anne-Mette Janum and Jonas Breum from Nuuday will share insights from the transformation process and together with Tore Rosbo from 1508 they will present Nuudays visual identity and reflect on both process and outcome.

Tore Rosbo

Creative DirectorCopenhagen

Anne-Mette Janum

Head of Creative & Brand ActivationYouSee

Jonas Breum


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