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How to avoid Innovation Theatre

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Wilders Plads 13A
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Ok, your company wants to innovate! But where to start and how to organize stuff so you don’t end up in Innovation theatre?

In this Morgenbooster, Mikkel Jespersen, co-founder of 1508, and Oliver Vassard, Client Innovation lead, unboxed the 1508 innovation practice called Proof by Design and shared insights on how this toolbox and innovation framework has been used in both national and international client cases.

Mikkel and Oliver showed how large corporations have succeeded in establishing a new way of working through a simple innovation practice. And how learnings from prototypes and MVP’s have been used to inform business strategy and define the blueprint for their innovation operating model.

This booster is primarily for decision makers and innovation practitioners who want a perspective on how innovation and digital transformation can be made tangible.

Oliver Vassard

Mikkel Jespersen

Co-founder &

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