How to build an Innovation Lab


Tangible Innovation

Business Transformation

The last couple of years more and more innovation labs have been created in Denmark and for many the honeymoon is almost over. Maybe we can already now harvest some learnings.

Executive boards out there want new and viable products. They make demands for increased innovation height and speed. And the new products need to match the trinity of business, data and customer needs.

It demands new ways of working and organizing. Therefore, companies are establishing independent innovation labs. This is because they have the ability not to do "what you're usually doing" and even has a mandate to destroy the current business. And if this doesn't work, they can always be closed down without affecting the core business particularly.

Watch or rewatch the Morgenbooster and hear what it takes to establish robust labs, that survives when the first wave of excitement and yellow post-its has calmed down.

At this Morgenbooster, Klaus Bundvig also shared insights from the work in 1508's first Executive Booster Group. A course of six meetings with executives from widely different companies and with focus on digital transformation.

This booster is therefore especially directed towards executives who are either doing or about to create an innovation lab.

Klaus Bundvig

Digital Strategist in Netcompany A/S