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Innovation and Sustainability – are they Connected ?

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For several years both innovation and sustainability has been on the agenda in most corporations and organizations. But are they connected? We will present data and insights from a fresh study of +200 companies ability to succeed with corporate innovation.

In our 2018 innovation benchmark analysis we saw a clear trend. Companies having active innovation leaders with a clear focus on innovation strategy, management and practice and understood the required capabilities and change, was most innovative companies.

In the 2019 survey we wanted to raise the bar and investigate how we could assist leaders in two specific areas:

1) How can leaders succeed with the required change and capabilities to succeed with innovation?

2) How can leaders use innovation to succeed with companies sustainability goals?

Therefore we have analyzed the correlation between companies’ ability to innovate and their focus on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In this Morgenbooster, you also receive practical tools describing how to succeed with making your company more innovative and at the same time use innovation to succeed with companies sustainability goals. Presenters are Maria Juel Kähler, Director at IDA, and Thomas Bust, CEO and partner at 1508.


Maria Juel Kähler


Thomas Busk

Former CEO1508

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