Leo Innovation Lab Year 1


Tangible Innovation

Business Transformation

Most innovation experts agree that if large organizations really want new ideas and initiatives on the table, it has to happen outside the existing organization.

Denmark's oldest medico company, LEO Pharma, has taken the consequence and established LEO Innovation Lab, a separate innovation unit with half a billion kroners in financing and the goal of making life better for people with Psoriasis.

Whereas LEO Pharma has developed drugs since 1908, LEO Innovation Lab are not going to develop medical solutions, but instead innovate outside the existing business by creating digital solutions through startup-culture and venture mentality.

Listen to CEO in LEO Innovation Lab, Kristian Hart-Hansen, talk about the preliminary experiences and challenges, when you do something radically different in an old, illustrious company, that operates in a conservative and strongly regulated business.

The Morgenbooster is particularly good inspiration for decision-makers who work with business development and perhaps is already ongoing with similar innovation projects - or have thoughts on going in that direction.

Kristian Hart-Hansen

CEO i LEO Innovation Lab