Lost in Transportation


Business Transformation

In this Morgenbooster, Clarissa Eva Leon, Head of Digital Labs in DSB, shared her experiences from the journey to build and drive digital innovation and transformation in the transport industry and in DSB.

A journey with continued complexity, a highly political context and where the entire population of Denmark is the customer.

If you ever wondered how the establishment of an end-to-end innovation lab could come about in a perceived old and dusty company such as DSB, this Morgenbooster was the place to be!

Clarissa deep-dived into the journey driving the top management’s controversial decision towards creating the unit, which discussions on e.g. organization, type of organization and operating model that has been part of this journey and some of the challenges DSB is facing now and in the future. And how all of these combined culminated with seeing the lab as part of the solution.

One and a half year later the lab has accelerated the way they innovate in DSB. In the Morgenbooster there was an open, transparent outlook on some of the key obstacles as well as learnings there have been and especially the importance of the cultural aspects and lessons of starting the journey of transforming the digital mindset in DSB. Which cultural levers has been effectuated and what impact has been created?

Looking in retrospect, the cultural transformation is perhaps of greater value then the digital solutions in themselves.

Clarissa Eva Leon

Head of Digital Labs, DSB