ONLINE MORGENBOOSTER: Designing for Great Experiences - Not Just Apps and Websites




Brand Experience Design

Customer Research & Insights

In this first session of our Online Morgenbooster series, join Mikkel Køster, Senior Experience Strategist, as he dissects examples from Star Wars, McDonald’s and a small hotel in Los Angeles - as well as look at recipes for designing great experiences.

What makes people choose one service over the other? And what makes them come back, again and again? Discover how deep empathy with your audience and great storytelling can create memorable experiences that increase retention and delight.

Rarely do organizations create products in isolation. More than often these products live in an ecosystem. Taking a holistic approach to designing the experience around your audience is what service design is all about. But with limited time and budget, identifying which experiences to focus on can be tricky.

Mikkel Køster

Experience Design Director