No-Code Tools: Website Design of the Future?



Wilders Plads 13A

1403 København

Product and Service Design

No-code tools such as Webflow has made it possible for everyone to easily build a customisable website. But is it smart to venture into website design without a frontend, UX or design background?

During this Morgenbooster we will try to answer this question and give you tips and suggestions on how to best work with no-code tools for future website design.

We will start off with some overall perspectives about which no-code tools and opportunities are available, if you want to design websites and digital products by yourself. This will be followed by a deep dive into website design. How has it looked until now and why do no-code tools change this?

During most website design processes a lot of preliminary UX and design work is involved. This involves the information architecture, navigation and creation of a design system, as well as how to ensure the site visualise and communicate the right things. We will look into why these processes are still important, and why they might become even more important when you build a website with no-code tools.

As Webflow is a front runner for no-code website tools, we will be looking into the pros and cons, as well as the prerequisites necessary for using webflow. We will also talk about when it makes sense to use the tool.

Through it all we will use our own examples and experiences from working with the tools.

Tore Rosbo

Creative Director

Per Jackson

Creative Tech Director, Copenhagen