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Acting on Your Purpose in a Time of Crisis

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Wilders Plads 13A
1403 København

In a time of crisis, uncertainty, and new normals, leaders may take the opportunity to revisit their reason for being, strengthening the core of their business, and ask what impact their company is meant to make in the world. The current situation raises the awareness around a company’s ability to adapt to the situation while staying true to its purpose and direction.

In this online Morgenbooster we will introduce a simple design model – a lens through which you can audit and inform core aspects of your business. It is a tangible tool to align your actions, products and services with your unique identity and help you act coherently informed by your company purpose.

Moving systematically through the model, we will invite you to take a look at your company’s distinctive capabilities and shared cultural mindset. We will ask you to take your customer’s perspective and to consider the nature of your relationships. And we will visualise how it all ties together.

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