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Data & Technology as Design Material

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Wilders Plads 13A
1403 København

What are the ethical and cultural implications of using data and technology as design material?

Computations, algorithms and AI are starting to merge into the world of design. In architecture, computational design has shown to be a valuable tool in designing structures that meet strict demands while also generating visually interesting designs for the physical domain. But what is really going on in the AI business? Some of the best paid people on the planet are data science PhDs, and data harvesting is rapidly becoming the primary asset in major digital services. How are they exploiting our data and to what end?

This Morgenbooster provides three perspectives on data and technology as design material by three creative technologists from three different agencies around the area. They will dive into question like:

  • Can you actually tame AI with design and implement ethics?

  • What culture, processes and mindset are instrumental to get started with AI driven design in 2020?

  • How can we leverage computations and AI in the process of designing better experiences - and where do we start?

This is an online Morgenbooster hosted on Zoom.

Per Jackson

Creative Tech

Fredrik Silfver

CTO & Co-FounderAbove

Anton Stonor

CTO & PartnerStrømlin

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