Provide a Better Service with Goal-oriented Personalization


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Digital Transformation

Imagine that you visit your municipality's website where you have actively accepted to get personalized content and they therefore highlight exactly those services that you are interested in. In the top of the site, they will highlight that bulky waste will be collected in your part of town tomorrow. And that there is an event at the City Hall next week that deals with a subject you've previously shown an interest in. This kind of personalization where focus is on raising the service experience happens way too rarely. We want to change that.

Personalization is often considered a marketing trick that is only applied to get extra goods down your basket. But personalization can be much more than that. For example, it can be used to raise user satisfaction and make self-service more conveniently. All websites directed towards selling goods can also gain value from personalization.

We currently experiment with personalization in a number of service sites, and at this Morgenbooster we showed our initial thought on how these techniques can be used to raise the experience for the user. This can be done at many different scales and with different investments. Therefore, at this Morgenbooster we shared our thought on how it pays off and gave tips and tricks on how to get started.

The Morgenbooster gives an understanding on how personalization can be used to secure service goals. It is particularly relevant for the decision-makers in ministries, municipalities and interest groups.

Kasper Brødsgaard

Senior Digital Strategist