Sprint Learnings


This Morgenbooster was about sharing experiences with design sprints. Google Venture Design Sprint is a method that will get you far in a very short time. In 5 days or less you will be able to solve big problems and test new ideas, which makes the method ideal as a part of a digital transformation and product innovation.

During the past couple of years 1508 have gathered many experiences working with our clients in design sprints.

In this Morgenbooster 1508s User Experience Designer, Lisbeth Torp Christensen, and Strategic Business Analyst, Emil Frost, shared their stories from different types of design sprints. Stories about the challenges, barriers and pains we have encountered - but also stories about successes and all the gains we get from using the method.

Lisbeth and Emil spiced up the talk with their favorite sprinting hacks & tools and gave ideas on how to tweak the sprint in different situations. Also the participants in the booster shared personal stories and experiences with design sprints. 


Emil Frost Andersen

Client Innovation Lead


Lisbeth Rinda Torp Christensen

User Experience Designer