ONLINE MORGENBOOSTER: Sustainable Business Models through Design Thinking




Strategy and Business Design


How do you stay relevant for customers in a new demanding reality? One way is through sustainable goals that will give your business a bigger purpose.

Uncertainty is the new reality. At the same time, the requirements to legitimise businesses' license-to-operate have never been bigger. So how can you future-proof our business and stay relevant for customers in this new reality?

The younger generations demand workplaces and products that create positive value – reducing negative effects are not enough – and are transparent about development and learning.

By participating in this Morgenbooster you will gain insights into how design thinking can help you identify non-exploited value creation and better integrate United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals into your core business.

Your experience with sustainability, strategy and innovation is not essential. The event is however especially relevant if you’re in a position to change how your organisation deals with design, sustainability and innovation. You could for instance be a project manager, business developer, product owner or similar.

This is an online Morgenbooster hosted on Zoom.


Helene Gerholm

Client Lead

Adam Voigt

Senior User Experience Designer