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The Game of Accessibility

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Wilders Plads 13A
1403 København

Journey along on a Morgenbooster that explores the digital realm of video gaming and embrace the hypothesis of whether we can learn from it. We will particularly look at the approach video games take to accessibility, and user customization in general, when designing experiences.

The Morgenbooster will start off by investigating the very term of accessibility and the complexity it entails. Though not a crash course in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, we do explore various interpretations and perspectives on the term.

Moving on we explore the border that divides video games from digital experiences, the latter of which is often wrapped in jobs-to-be-done and removing everyday obstacles. And why some might say that in terms of creating accessible experiences, the former is light-years ahead.

Finally join in on the discussion about whether there are enough similarities to inspire the way we design or if video games simply are far too different from other digital products.

Kristian Ohm

Head of Business

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