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Think Like a Futurist, Act Like a Designer

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Wilders Plads 13A
1403 København

Get a sneak-peek into how to apply futures thinking to your design processes to help create reactive and proactive brands, businesses, and products.

If there’s one thing that we know with certainty about predicting the future, it is that whatever you predict, is highly unlikely to happen. Thankfully for us (and for the quality of this Morgenbooster), forecasting is not about predicting at all – it is rather about carefully weighing a band of evidence and lines of possibilities against one another, to help determine possible, probable, plausible, and preferable outcomes. Roads amongst which many opportunities lie for the design of our brands, businesses, and products.  Different ways of thinking facilitate different strategies for innovation. Combining futures thinking with design thinking allows us to not only ask what the user wants (solved) today, but also allows us to hypothesize on what the user might want (solved) in a possible tomorrow. During this Morgenbooster, we will introduce you to the dynamics of change, help you understand how change might impact your business and your customers, and give an introduction on how to create testable, human-centric assumptions about possible futures. This Morgenbooster is especially relevant for innovation managers, strategic planners, decision makers, business developers, and anyone else who is interested in shaping and being shaped by what’s to come.You can also see this Morgenbooster in Aarhus. See details and sign up.

Eveline van Gaal

Strategic Design LeadCopenhagen

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