This is how you Introduce an Entrepreneurial Mindset to a Corporate Culture



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Business Transformation

There is a long range of methods and tools to optimize processes and velocity when it comes to developing new digital products. Phrases such as agility, iterative and sprint have become part of the everyday-jargon in the development teams in several large companies. It is one thing to introduce new methods, but another thing is to introduce a new mindset that challenges the methods and innovates them across the company culture.

To transform an organization not only demands changes in processes and methods, but a change in culture that starts with you and your colleagues' mindsets.

Oliver Vassard, Project Manager & Digital Producer, had a bunch of startups including successes and failures in his luggage, before he started working at 1508. The experience from these has been used to influence the culture in several of 1508's clients who we supported in their digital transformations.

In this Morgenbooster Oliver concretized some of his experiences and turned them into dogmas that can help you introduce an entrepreneurial mindset into a corporate culture.

Oliver Vassard

CEO, Copenhagen