Unboxing Customer Journey Mapping



Most companies have a customer-centric approach and phrases like ‘know our customer’ are pillars of many corporate strategies. For more than a decade, Customer Journey Mapping has been a ‘must have’ and proven to be an effective way to create a complete overview of what customers want, what triggers them and what pain points they face. But many companies are still facing difficulties, when it comes to harvesting the true value of the Customer Journey Map.

In this Morgenbooster Adam Voigt, UX Designer at 1508, and Mikkel Jespersen, co-founder and partner at 1508, will investigate the potentials of Customer Journey Mapping. Based on 1508-cases and best practice, they will share their experiences with different approaches to Customer Journey Mapping and how this method of capturing insights can be used as a vital tool for strategizing, innovation initiatives, communication, and UX.

This Morgenbooster will be held in Danish. 

See and download slides from this Morgenbooster here: https://www.slideshare.net/1508as/unboxing-costumer-journey-mapping-morgenbooster-89 


Mikkel Jespersen

Partner & co-founder


Adam Voigt

User Experience Designer