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Uncovering the Hidden Gems in your Research

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Wilders Plads 13A
1403 København

Most successful new products and services originate from strong insights. Insights are truths about what we desire turned into an opportunity, that we would never be able to express ourselves if asked directly.

In this Morgenbooster, Cecilie Goodley Dannisøe and Mikkel Køster talked about their experiences and perspectives on working with insights and the value they can offer in your work. In order to uncover insights, we need to go beyond designing for average and truly understand how humans act, feel and behave. Designing great experiences require us to look for those nuances, or we might otherwise miss these hidden gems entirely.

Cecilie and Mikkel introduced the audience to how we define and work with insights at 1508 and why we believe insights are a strong differentiator in creating new and truly valuable experiences. Examples included advertising, psychology, stand-up, memes and our own cases and experiences - as great insights can be found in many places.

The Morgenbooster also includes a few methods on how to get started working with insights and turning them into opportunities that could lead to a higher innovation potential.

Cecilie Goodley Dannisøe

User Experience

Mikkel Køster

Experience Design Director

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