User Centered Design on Steroids



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1403 København K

Customer Research & Insights

To achieve success, user involvement is key.

Though users rarely know the solution to their problems they are indeed the top experts of their own needs.

Only users will know the answers to questions such as:

  • Is it the right problem we are aiming to solve?
  • Does our suggested product solve their problem?
  • Do they understand the value proposition of the product and how to use it?

Today, it is possible to answer these questions in a much faster and more flexible way than previously.

In this Morgenbooster, Senior Digital Strategist, Kasper Brødsgaard, showed how easy it is to create a test setup that can be used to involve users in answering questions like these.

Kasper went through a series of practices and the latest tools to prototype products, perform long-distance testing, and collect and share knowledge and feedback with your team.

This Morgenbooster is particularly relevant for those who want to ensure that their products are customer centric.

Kasper Brødsgaard

Senior Digital Strategist