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What is Next in Corporate Innovation?

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Looking into venture building we will take a look at the future of corporate innovation.

Innovation labs have been closing down. IT departments are insourcing design competencies. Design thinking has become the go to process for doing hypothesis-driven business development and experimenting with finding the next value driver.

But who is taking care of what now? 

Who takes care of the core business development? Who does the incremental innovation and who are looking for the radical shifts? Some corporations have found out that doing everything themselves, especially when looking years ahead for the next big thing, might not be ideal. The budget for the innovation labs are moving to corporate venture investments.

Last year we established 1508 Ventures, where we are using the knowledge we've gained from different industries to establish and build corporate ventures. We believe that an even higher focus on venture building is the next in corporate innovation. Join and and get insights on what we have experienced so far.

Oliver Vassard

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